Yvonne Rivera

Yvonne Rivera

VP of HR – Corporate Functions

Hometown: I am originally from Spain, but living in Oslo, Norway

Languages I speak: English, Norwegian, and Spanish 

When I joined Gelato: August 2018

Why I joined Gelato: I was looking for an exciting role in a growing company with an entrepreneurial mindset, and getting back to the start-up environment. Getting the opportunity to be a part of this amazing strong culture and build the HR function along with amazing team members is and has been truly rewarding. 
I have worked in HR for 20 years and I still learn tons of new things in Gelato, thanks to our mentality and the culture we have. 

Favorite part of my role: The culture we have. Many ask me "why not the team" - but I truly believe that without the culture we have, we wouldn't have the team we have. If you are curious to hear more, check out this site and you will hopefully get a better understanding of why I love being part of this team on the journey we have ahead of us.

Outside of work: I love traveling and exploring new cultures, climbing, exercising, hikes, food, and spending time with my family. 

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